Do you have a tech horror story? Has tech come back to ‘byte’ you hard? Have you sent a text to the wrong person or deleted your employer’s hard drive by accident? Well, we want to hear about it!

Getting married brings out the best and worst of everyone. The stress involved is next level and, with so much to organise, I (regrettably) allowed my mother-in-law into the inner sanctum to lend a hand. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

We had a venue and were down to the final organisation like table seating and catering for everyone’s food requirements. I had asked said mother-in-law to liaise with the venue and pass on the seating arrangements and dietary requirements. But she had other ideas, and started moving people from table to table to suit her own needs, dismissed people with food allergies as ‘prima donnas’ and lumped vegans, vegetarians and pescatarians
all in the same bracket.

I realised at the 11th hour and managed to rearrange everything at untold stress levels. Furious, I typed a text to my husband calling his mother just about everything I could think of in a rage (yes, including THAT word) and,
accidentally, sent it to my mother-in-law instead.

The fallout was monumental, and the text was quickly circulated amongst her peers. She was talked into coming on the big day, but we haven’t spoken properly in over eight years!

Let us know your your tech horror stories – send them to and you just may see your tale in print!