Do you have a tech horror story? Has tech come back to ‘byte’ you hard? Have you sent a text to the wrong person or deleted your employer’s hard drive by accident? Well, we want to hear about it!

To kick it off, a colleague recalls his tech nightmare.

I had just scored a job as a copywriter for a real estate agent. The boss was an absolute tyrant and widely disliked. Said boss and I were driving to a job on a sweltering day, and I pulled into a servo to get a drink. He’d ripped into me about something minor that morning, and I was still fuming. Leaving the engine purring for the air con, I jumped out, leaving the dictator in the passenger’s seat.

A friend called as I entered the servo, and I proceeded to tell her all about my boss calling him just about every expletive I could summon. I switched the conversation subject when I headed back to the car, but as I got closer, strangely, I could hear my voice loud and clear from another source… In a moment of heart-gripping terror, I realised that with the car running, my phone had connected via Bluetooth to the car speaker, and my boss had heard the entire conversation.

I didn’t see out the week.

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