Golden Repair is the third solo album from Melbourne’s Tom Iansek.

It’s another pristine collection of melodies and meditations on the human spirit. The title is so apt for the music Tom makes; it’s a reference to the Japanese artform “Kintsugi”, meaning to patch with gold. By repairing broken bowls with this precious metal, faultlines are transformed into borders of beauty and strength. Iansek sings of everyday struggles with tenderness. On songs like Orion, Iansek invites us to find peace and resilience through the cracks and confusion. The chorus swells with a simple message: “all of it is alright”. The music is equally elegant in its craft. #1 Dads builds each song with care, layering vocals, plaintive piano figures, acoustic guitar, and understated percussion.

Golden Repair by #1 Dads is out now via Pieater.

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