mount-ninji-and-da-nice-timekidTo celebrate the release of Mount Ninji And Da Nice Time Kid, Die Antwoord frontman Ninja participated in a Reddit AMA. Here’re the best parts, with all Ninja’s oddities of spelling, grammar and punctuation preserved.

1. He is crazy into film; his favourite directors are Werner Herzog and David Lynch, and he loves Harmony Korine’s Gummo.

2. His favourite pizza is “margerita with pineapple and feta”.

3. The original version of Chappie (Neill Blomkamp’s roundly panned 2015 film, in which Ninja and Yolandi acted) was “wild as f-ck”, and primarily based around Ninja and bandmate Yolandi turning Chappie into a gangster robot; “then big studio power came in and started making that sh-t more and more diet coke”.

4. The band are working on a new film called ”SOUTH AFRICAN NINJA”, the story of which Ninja has been working on for 10 years. It’ll be directed by himself and completely written and scored by Die Antwoord – and it will star Jack Black, whom Ninja describes as “kinda 1 of my best friends in da hole universe”.

5. Ninja sees the creation of his persona as in the tradition of Brian Warner’s Marilyn Manson, Russel Jones’ Ol Dirty bastard or Bruce Wayne’s Batman; “creating NINJA was like creating an indestructible manga style mecha that I climbed into and had to merge with to control”, he said. “then at some point i became interested in climbing out the NINJA mecha and when i stepped out i discovered i had been transformed into MOUNT NINJI”.

6. He loves composer Ennio Morricone.

7. He credits “eating good, excerzise and being in love with the sh-t we make” with the high-energy mesh of music and personal life that is Die Antwoord.

8. Ninja says he still doesn’t understand his songwriting process, calling it “mysterious and random as f-ck.”

9. Yolandi didn’t do the AMA because “she didn’t feel like it :)”

10. He says that despite the evolution of the band, they were free before they were famous because they don’t now and never have made their music for anyone but themselves. “so no1 can take anything away from us. all that’s important to us is that maintain this freedom. the fact that people all over the world like us is some kind of miracle or something”.

Mount Ninji And Da Nice Time Kid is available now via Kobalt/Inertia.

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