Ten tunes, nice ‘n’ neat, and every single one’s a treat: featuring Allday, Channel Tres, Sampa The Great, and many (well, seven) more!

Jay Som, Superbike

If you dig dreamy, jangly shoegaze like Hatchie, you are going to mess your trousers over this newie from Jay Som (AKA Melina Duterte). It’s from her second album Anak Ko, due out August 23 Pod/Inertia.

Ada Lea, Mercury

Ada Lea gracefully subverts expectation with what starts out as a solid thumpin’ rock tune and quickly shows its glowing neon socks, pivoting on snare accents and simmering on tiny bent notes. Really cool stuff from the imaginative Québécoise artist.

(Sandy) Alex G, Gretel

More diabolically alluring stuff from the Philadelphian weirdo – this time with panpipes. Dude has also announced his new album, House Of Sugar, which is out September 13 via Domino. We loved his last one so we can’t wait.

Channel Tres, Sexy Black Timberlake

Channel Tres keeps the smirks in-hand as he raps about how hotly desired he is after his metoric rise to stardom. He’s also announced is upcoming EP Black Moses (due August 2), and his Splendour side-dates. Weee!

Tues 16 July – Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney
Fri 19 July – The Espy (Gershwin Room), Melbourne
Sat 20 July – Splendour In The Grass, Byron Bay
Sun 21 July – Neck of the Woods, Auckland, NZ

Sampa The Great, Final Form

Sampa’s new track absolutely hoons out of the gate with bad-arse horn samples and a python of a beat – you’re gonna want to turn this one way, way up. The video sees Sampa exploring her Zambian ancestry through traditional Nyau dance and modern Zambian youth culture, and it rules. “Final Form is about expanding and calling out any negativity towards that growth process,” she says. “As an artist, I recognise my potential and recognise the growth it takes to get to the final form, but it’s easy to get caught up in the constant chatter around you (how you aren’t there yet, you might not make it, time is nearly up).

“True gold takes time and final form is about moving past negativity that doesn’t understand the growth process. I now recognise my in-between stage; sometimes it drops and sometimes it rises. I love that I get to level up each second. I might even final form tomorrow.”

Ty Segall, Taste

Even if you don’t like Ty Segall’s spesh brand of hairy punk, this is still one of the most hilarious vids out right now.

Khi’leb, Stay Low

He’s supported Baker Boy and was recently spun on Beats1 by Briggs, and a few bars into Stay Low you can see why: Khi’leb has already found himself a masterfully smooth flow and beautiful balance between raps and melodies, and he’s only 16. Plus, that’s a mad-grimy timbre for a teen.

CYN, Holy Roller

Holy Roller is big pop, but there’s a definite grain to it, courtesy of CYN’s nuanced voice and lyrical particulars. The video is full of amusing contradictions on the sacred and profane, set in a retro bowling alley. Also, hairspray cans as dancing props. Has that been done before? I don’t think so but I’ve never seen Hairspray so I could be wrong.

Allday feat. The Veronicas, Restless

Look! It’s Aussie rap’s equal-most-adorable cherub (alongside Mallrat) and Courtney Barnett lookalike Allday, performing the opener of his upcoming album Starry Night Over The Phone. It features The Super Cosily-Coated Veronicas, and a soprano saxophone. Very, very neat. The album’s due on July 12, and you can pre-order it now on CD or white vinyl.

Dune Rats, No Plans

According to the Dunies, No Plans is all about “throwing three shits to the wind and seeing what sticks.” Obviously it’s excellent. Don’t forget the boyos are appearing at Spilt Milk Fest, on Nov 23 (Canberra) and Nov 30 (Ballarat)!