It’s bang on two-and-a-half weeks until President Elect Trump is due to be inaugurated into his new position at POTUS. To mark the occasion, here are 12 songs about small hands.


Jewel, Hands

Relevant lyric: “My hands are small I know/ But they’re not yours they are my own”


The White Stripes, Hypnotize

Relevant lyric: “I want to hold your little hand/ If I can be so bold”


Sonny & Cher, I Got You Babe

Relevant lyric: “Then put your little hand in mine/ There ain’t no hill or mountain we can’t climb”


Slobberbone, Little Drunk Fists

Relevant lyric: “Little drunk fists across the tip of my chin”


George Michael, Father Figure

Relevant lyric: “I will be your father figure/ Put your tiny hand in mine”


Art Garfunkle, Who’s Gona Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet

Relevant lyric: “Who’s gonna glove your little hand?”


Sufjan Stevens, Sister

Relevant lyric: “I have a sister somewhere in Detroit/ She has black hair and small hands”

The Offspring, Out On Patrol

Relevant lyric: “Look at my soldier boy now/ With that big gun in your little hand”


Rusted Root, Send Me On My Way

Relevant lyric: “I would like to hold my little hand”

Britney Spears, My Baby

Relevant lyric: “Tiny hands, yes that’s you/ And all you show, it’s simply true”


Robert Plant, Little Hands

Relevant lyric: “Little hands clappin’ all over the world”


Ed Sheeran, Small Bump

Relevant lyric: “You can wrap your fingers around my thumb and hold me tight”