August 24 is Knife Day, so it’s time to celebrate the everyday utensil that we give little thought to as we use it, but we’d be lost and confused (not to mention grubby-handed) without. Here are five brilliant songs that reference what knives do best – cutting (even if they’re actually about other stuff…)


The Cutter
Echo & the Bunnymen

An inroad into an unending indie journey for this writer when an impressionable schoolkid, this song still sounds as astounding as the first time it popped up on the family’s crappy old TV. Plus, Ian McCulloch was a total spunk! Bulk pocket money was spent on the Porcupine album, and it was totally worth it.


To Cut a Long Story Short
Spandau Ballet

Now this is what you call an ace debut single – some might even say it was all downhill from here as the Kemps and friends quickly descended into sloppy soul boy ballad territory. But the ‘New Romantic’ movement was briefly brilliant – and along with Visage’s Fade to Grey this track headed the charge.

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Cutt Off

You know you’re doing something right when you get to release a fourth single off your debut album and have it end up one of your hugest hits. Maybe we’re just dumb, but we still have no idea what “Chew the backbone, a solar system, these clever convicts” means. Top tune though.

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Cuts You Up
Peter Murphy

Murphy sure didn’t rest on any laurels after Goth legends Bauhaus disbanded in 1983. He went on to form Dali’s Car with Mick Karn of Japan, then eventually got around to releasing this brilliant, moody-as-all-get-out track on his third proper solo album, Deep.


Cut Your Hair

This Stephen Malkmus Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain track – now an indie anthem – was actually biting the hand that feeds, having a go at the style over substance attitudes of the record industry. Come on now, “Career! Career! Career! Career! Career! Career!”