Eucalyptus and silver ferns unite! The mega-mesh event of Aussie and Kiwi musical talent that is Music From The Home Front – a concert to celebrate the spirit of mateship between our two nations and acknowledge “the fight against COVID-19”, to be broadcast on ANZAC Day this Saturday April 25 – is turning out to be the must-see show of the year. Early call, we know, but have you even seen the line-up?

That list of musical gorgeousness has got us thinking on the ditties we’d most like to see performed by these icons, as they stream their sets live from their homes/safe locations. Here are our requests.

Dave Dobbyn and Paul Kelly, Slice Of Heaven

Two musical poet laureates, both alike in fabulosity, in fair Oceania, where we lay our scene. Act 1: Dave begins his best-loved hit with the “Dah, dah, dah, boom-boom dah, dah, dah” we know and adore, until the screen splits and our beloved PK slides into view to belt the upper harmony. If it happens, we’ll surely lose our minds.

Vika and Linda Bull, Iso City Limits

For the love of Charlie Bucket, we absolutely need to see Vika and Linda perform their satirical version of Tina Turner’s Nutbush City Limits again. If you haven’t seen it, watch it here immediately. Sample lyrics: “Thirty minutes was the beauty limit/ Lotta shops with no people in it/ No pub on Fridays/ Ain’t goin’ to footy on Saturday/ They call it Iso City Limits.”

Birds of Tokyo with the Western Australian Symphony Orchestra, Kashmir

Of course we want to hear all of Birds Of Tokyo’s self-penned treasures (including those from their latest album: The Greatest Mistake, Good Lord, Two Of Us, Unbreakable, does this record have any filler?), but if you’re playing with an orchestra you’ve just got to thrash out Led Zep’s classic. Please, Uncle Kenny?

Kevin Parker (Tame Impala) and G Flip, Lean On Me

We were so moved by Stevie Wonder’s rendition of this song – written by his late pal Bill Withers – during Lady Gaga’s One World concert, that we just cannot stop pondering who else we want to hear deliver it. And here’s a sterling opportunity for two drummers to turn that ace little percussion-led “Call on me brother” section into something even more magical. After that, we’ll take Borderline with G on congas and Kev jumping around his living room in his peejays, thanks.

Marlon Williams and Jimmy Barnes, You Gotta Be

Hear me out, here: Marlon opens with that beautifully simple melody sung be Des’ree back in 1994: “Listen as your day unfolds/ Challenge what the future holds/ Try and keep your head up to the sky.” He continues crooning the rest of the verse until the drums kick in over at Barnesy’s house and our man belts: “Ya gotta be BAD, ya gotta be BOLD, ya gotta be WISER, ya gotta be HARD, ya gotta be TOUGH, ya gotta be STRONGER.” Now look me in the face and tell me that wouldn’t bring the house down? To conclude this set, Jimmy will perform What’s Chasing You and Marlon will perform When The War Is Over.

Music From The Home Front will be aired on Channel 9 and 9Now at 7.30pm on ANZAC Day, this Saturday April 25.