No additives and no preservatives: just organic goodness! It’s time for Tim’s weekly Five Tunes, featuring City Calm Down, Mallrat, DZ Deathrays, Missy Higgins, and Hellions… and a fresh li’l bonus round. 

City Calm Down, Joan, I’m Disappearing

Melbourne indie alt-pop band City Calm Down have just announced their new album, and with the news comes its powerful and resonant opening track, Joan, I’m Disappearing. The new record Echoes In Bluethe follow-up to the group’s critically acclaimed 2015 debut In A Restless House – is out April 6 via IOHYOU.  

On the new album, the band had this to say: “Echoes In Blue is not concerned with answering questions as much as it is with asking them. It is interested in the reality of being spread too thin, of being unable to shut out the noise, where we’re told to buy a house, with a mountain of debt, and do what we love, to be passionate and driven, whilst also making enough time for our wife or husband, boyfriend or girlfriend, for our children, parents and friends. Has life has ever been more exciting or more artificial? Why are we so connected yet feel so alone? Perhaps, in all this excitement, we forget to be bored and examine ourselves a little more closely. Or maybe we should just embrace the rage.” 

I think we are in for an absolute doozy, and will find this one at the head of a bunch of ’18 end-of-year lists.


Mallrat, UFO feat. Allday 

If my calculations are correct, national treasure Grace Shaw (better known as popstar Mallrat) has become the most featured artist in 5 Tunes – and for very good reason. With her In The Sky EP just around the corner, she has dropped UFO, featuring mate and mentor Allday. It kind of feels like an extension to last year’s hugely popular Better, and I am 100% for it. 


DZ Deathrays, Like People

While everyone is freaking out that Murray Cook, AKA the Red Wiggle, is in the new DZ Deathrays clip, it’s worth remembering that The Wiggles started out as a pub band – just like the Brisbane duo responsible for this cracking tune. Cook has now overtaken Christopher Walken’s performance in Fatboy Slim’s Weapon Of Choice as my favourite ‘old dude dancing.’ Compare for yourself below.



Hellions, X (Mwah)

To be honest, the first time I heard the new track from Sydney punks Hellions I really wasn’t sure. The second time I heard it, I was a bit more sure. By the time my third listen came around, I was hooked. Yes, X (Mwah) is a change-up from 2016’s Opera Oblivia, but then OO was a change-up from 2015’s Indian Summer – and this is why Hellions are fast becoming one of the most diverse and exciting heavy bands in the country. Bring on album number four.


Missy Higgins, Futon Couch 

She’s back. Australian icon Missy Higgins has just been announced as the support slot of Ed Sheehan’s upcoming Australian tour,  and released new track Futon Couch – and it is so good. She’s also confirmed her new album (and first release of original songs in six years), Solastalgia, will be out in early May. 



Will Smith, ICON

If I didn’t already have my own father (love ya, Brendo), I would want this man as my dad. To celebrate a streaming milestone of his son Jaden’s huge hit ICON, Smith posted this parody video. Who wore the gold chains better?