Some people like to go away on the weekends; some people like to have fun!” (“And some people are cops.”) One of those fun-hunters is Tim Lambert, so it’s Zoë Radas’s turn to dish up your choon gumbo, which this week includes delicious morsels of Ben Khan, Anna Calvi, Broods, Paul Kelly, Ben Wright Smith, and Moonlover.

Ben Khan, Monsoon Daydream

If you’re an electronica artist, you could just find every wiggly-winky noise in the land and then hurl it all onto your puter with a beat crammed on the top. The tracks we’ve heard from Ben Khan’s self-titled album (out today) might initially appear as if he’s doing that kind of manic cookery – but the reticent artist has the precision and intuition of a potions master. Like Ruby before it, Monsoon Daydream’s chords are simple, but its hyper-detail and moments of weirdness all gel in the most compelling way.

Paul Kelly, With The One I Love

Mojo Juju’s the magistrate, Vika and Linda Bull are the defence lawyers, and Paul’s in the stand pleading his situation: he’s gonna cleave to the one he loves, he’ll never leave the one he loves, he’s gonna go with the one he loves. The first taste of Kelly’s new album Nature is classic folk ambrosia, and along with the man’s comments on his new music, we’re a bit excited: “What links [Nature’s tracks] is the natural world – trees, birds, animals, plants, dust, desert, water – and human nature’s small place in that world. I think of Nature as a companion piece to Life Is Fine, itself full of moons, rain, rocks, rivers, seas, smells and lovers.” It’s coming out October 12.

Broods, Peach

The newie from indie-pop bro/sis duo Broods is exultant in the most gorgeous way; I think it has a lot to do with that super syncopated drumbeat, oowee. And while I don’t agree with the accompanying quote from the band that “as artists, you feel things at a much more extreme level than people who probably don’t spend most of their time inside their own heads” (all pain and joy is relative and personal, yo), I think the song very successfully communicates the second part of said quote: “Peach is about feeling all over the place all the time, and then celebrating those moments when everything feels awesome.”

Anna Calvi, Hunter

You know this one’s going to be special from the opening breath of its beat and that romantic Twin Peaks guitar. It’s one of the gentler cuts from Calvi’s upcoming album Hunter (keep an eye out for our interview with the Mercury Prize-winning guitarist and vocalist), but it certainly gives you an idea of the quiet power behind the woman’s current sonic state – she doesn’t need to pummel you and lurch all over the place to hold your undivided attention. Hunter is available for online pre-order right now, on CD, regular vinyl and limited edition red vinyl.

Ben Wright Smith, Storm Boy

Your favourite grabber of sand Ben Wright Smith has been twanging away since the release of his excellent debut The Great Divorce (which we reviewed here), and returns with single Storm Boy. Amongst limber lo-fi drums, grassfed indie-folk harmonies, blithe guitar and Smith’s typically sunny delivery, this effort from the Melbourne musician celebrates an appreciation for the natural world that’s a little bit Ape Man, if you listen in.

BONUS: Moonlover, Wedding Day

The only reason this is a ‘bonus’ is because I’d already fully uploaded the whole article along with header image before I saw this track, which is, quite frankly, an UTTER JEWEL. Moonlover is Melbourne musician Quang Dinh, and he’s signed to astute indie label Our Golden Friend (RVG, Poppongene, Ferla). Wedding Day is Beach Boys romance with neatly trickling electric guitar and undulating harmonies, and it has a gorgeous animated video to go with it which Quang made himself: “I figured DIY or die. I was inspired by the work of Lotte Reiniger, who pioneered silhouette animation. I drew some stuff, cut shapes out of cards, scanned a few things and then manipulated it and animated it.”
You can catch Moonlover at these upcoming dates which are mostly free because that’s how Quang rolls.

Thursday August 16 – The Dock, Sydney w/ Swansea Hit and Run (free show)
Friday August 17 – The House Dining, Sydney (free show)
Wednesday August 22 – Junk Bar, Brisbane w/ Tiarne and Jo Davie (tickets through Oztix)
Saturday August 25 – Some Velvet Morning, Melbourne w/ David Western (free show)
Sunday September 2 – Republic Bar, Hobart (free show)