This is your Music Editor speaking; Tim is away this week due to being all occupied with marrying the love of his life, therefore I shall be taking over 5 Choons duties. If you do not like it, take it up with Cupid/Eros/Mariah Carey. Also I made it six because Lorde just dropped her second single and we can’t ignore that.


Alt-J, 3WW

Yayayayay. Alt-J are releasing their next album Relaxer on June 9, and along with that announcement they also dropped this little taster off at our doorsteps. Like a hamper from a friendly new neighbour, but with only one thing in it, I guess. But that’s OK, you usually throw out all the decorative soaps and just keep the champagne anyway, right?


Portugal. The Man, Feel It Still

I already crapped on about this earlier in the week but it gets another mentions because it’s so excellent; this track is full of clever, effervescent, propulsive sound. The band are also very into social awareness and change, about which you can find out more if you click that link up there with the word ‘crapped’ in it.


Girlpool, 123

Harmony Tividad and Cleo Tucker have just signed to ANTI- Records, and this is the lead single from their upcoming album Powerplant. They are extremely cool and honest and good at heart-squashing harmonies. The record is out May 12.


Sui Zhen, Calm Winds

Sui Zhen (Becky Freeman) is one of the many stupendous Aussie artists who is currently at SXSW. We think she’s an absolute powerhouse, and just a couple days ago she released this new track via the Our First 100 Days project, which showcases 100 tracks that “inspire progress and benefit a cause for change.” (Other participating artists include Angel Olsen, Avey Tare, Meat Wave, Toro Y Moi, Tim Heidecker, Aoife O’Donovan and a bunch more.)

Real Estate, Stained Glass

Real Estate’s excellent new album In Mind isn’t out until the 17th, but the New Jersey five-piece did just release this video for Stained Glass, which is split into little tutorials for each instrument. Now you too can be a critical darling!**
**May require additional talent/effort


Lorde, Liability

We loved Green Light and now we love Liability. This is what she said about it to Zane Lowe, recalling her thoughts as she sat crying in the back of a taxi one night while listening to Rihanna: “I had this realisation that because of my lifestyle and what I do for work there’s going to be a point with every single person around me where I’m gonna be attacks on them in some way. If it is having to give up a little portion of their privacy or their life becoming more difficult or whatever. It was just this moment of sadness and I remember it so vividly.” Also, did your heart break when you realised she is dancing with herself because her self-love is still super strong? Call the waaahmbulance for real. <3