Buckle up chums, it’s 5 tunes time – featuring The Preatures, Vince Staples, and a classic from the late, great Chris Cornell.

Gang of Youths, Atlas Drowned 

By now you know that we’re pretty big fans of local lords Gang of Youths here at STACK. The Sydney-siders have launched a typically epic rock anthem to accompany the announcement of their sophomore album Go Farther in Lightness and a world tour. Along with this, they sent out a statement of intent for their newest track, which you can read in full below.

Gang of Youths’ Statement – ‘Atlas Drowned’

the central tenets of “objectivism”, as espoused in the loathsome, inept, lumbering, clunky, boring monstrosity that is Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged (1957) are contingent on a system she determines to be a form of objective “rational self-interest”. this has, for some reason set the ideological tone for so many wanton, neo-con, boot-licker crybabies for so long, the book itself has become victim of its own reflexive, parodic intellectual posturing. objective? refutable. rational? i don’t for a moment believe that self interest is in any way, rational. it is (to paraphrase david hume), contingent on the passions. it is counter-humanity, truly and deeply antithetical to becoming über. it’s a shame so many of the adherents to this pathetic system seem to conflate nietzsche’s doctrine of the übermensch (every individual can and should become über) with the idiocy of rand’s (some people are just better than others).

humanity’s progress and advancement cannot be attributed to the pissing, moaning and wrenching of a handful of privileged industrialists alone. our great societies were built on the backs of the worker, the “prole”, the individuals that make up collective often labouring under the obscene, unrestrained tyranny of the few. this is not some radical new idea acting as a harbinger of some doomed anarchic futurescape — i believe that this has underlined the history of every great civilisation.

we are now converging upon a moment in history seen before countless times, wherein this philosophy of rational self-interest is conflated with nationalism, badly taped together like homer simpson’s football tax return.

reluctantly, i’ll admit that at the very ideological heart of conservatism there is a noble tradition.
what we are seeing now globally, en masse is a desecration of this nobility.

enough of this s**t

Pre order your copy of Go Farther in Lightness, out August 18 via Sony Music, for the chance to win a Squier Telecaster signed by the band.

The Preatures, Girlhood

Sydney outfit The Preatures have channeled their inner Ramones for the band’s brand spanking new track Girlhood. In a recent interview, frontwoman Izzi Manfredi said that their critically acclaimed debut Blue Planet Eyes allowed her to learn how to write general songs, but now, they’re more personal; Girlhood for example is about the contradictions of being a modern woman.


Vince Staples, Big Fish 

After his excellent Prima Donna EP, we finally have a release date for rising star Vince Staples’ much anticipated sophomore album Big Fish Theory – out June 23.


Lana Del Rey, Coachella – Woodstock in My Mind 

Don’t be alarmed but in exactly a week we will have a brand new Lana Del Rey album in our possessions. This is not a drill – check out the latest treat from Lust For Life, out May 26.


Chloe Dadd, Gushing

There are plenty of big names in this week’s 5 Tunes, and in due time teenage shred lord Chloe Dadd will be a household name as well. Gushing is the optimistic prequel to anything you’ve heard from Tash Sultana. This is an indication of what you can do if you put your fidget spinners down and pick up a guitar.



Bonus Round:

To a pioneer, a father, a husband, an idol. Vale, Chris Cornell.

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