One, two, three-four-five, let’s take some choons for a test drive. Six, seven, eight-nine-ten, Tim has nailed it once again. Featuring: Ro, Nat Vazer, Feels (feat. Stella Donnelly), Tyde Levi, and Murmurmur.

Ro, Diary

One of the strongest debut songs that I’ve come across in recent times, Diary by Melbourne’s Ro is a sparkling journal entry. An astute and poetic wordsmith, Ro has created an infallible lyrical world that pulls at the listener’s heartstrings in the most relatable of ways. Musically, the WA-born artist has paired a lifetime of folk influences with a more recent indie-pop musical awakening, that will position the vocalist apart from the pack.

Ro had this to say of the track: “The chorus has a bit of irony, because I don’t actually recommend giving your diary to your loved ones. It’s just, one can get exasperated when it’s hard to find the right words to say. The point is, you’re trying… But hey, also, wouldn’t it be awesome to just hand your diary over to someone and get the ‘this is me’ part over and done with? Maybe it’s a sh-tty life hack, but it’s a life hack nonetheless.”

You can catch her supporting Peter Sonic (who’s track Mess Around Your Room we featured last week) at the following east coast dates. I’ll see you in Melbourne.

July 3 – The Workers Club, Melbourne

July 8 – The Junk Bar, Brisbane

August 3 – The Newsagency, Sydney

Tyde Levi, Goldchains

Melbourne’s Tyde Levi has blessed us with his debut track: superb slow-jam Goldchains. The seductive single from the 18-year-old prodigy captures the feeling of raw, unmetered love over slinky R’n’B beats (which would sound totally comfortable on a SZA or Frank Ocean track).

Co-written with Australian music patriarch Daniel Johns and funk fiends Cosmo’s Midnight, and featuring members of seminal hip hop group The Roots contributing horns, the track surpasses the hype those names induce. Speaking of hype, did I mention that Levi is also the brother of pop superstar Troye Sivan?

Feels, They Need Us feat. Stella Donnelly

They Need Us is the first song from producers Feels (Elise Reitze and Rosie Taylor) to feature a vocalist, and they needed to look no further than fellow West Australian Stella Donnelly to provide its scathing and unfortunately very real lyrics.

They Need Us is a big middle finger to the doubters, abuse apologists and condescending male voices that females in the music industry encounter every damn day.  “Do you ladies need some help? Did you make that beat yourself? We try to keep it fair, but there are no female bands. We choose merit over gender, hope you ladies understand,” Donnelly spits passionately over Feels’ intricate electronic arrangement. This song is really important.

Nat Vazer, You’re Winning Me Over

This is a really nice song from a Melbourne singer with a really nice voice over some really nice guitars that bleed sunshine like cracks in your blinds in the morning. It’s completely predictable what I’m about to write, but Nat Vazer has totally won me over. Sue me.

Murmurmur, Cable Car

From the opening synths of Melbourne indie folks Murmurmur’s debut single Cable Car, a beautiful, room-filling soundscape is unleashed. Produced by Oscar Dawson of Holy Holy and for fans of City Calm Down or Tame Impala, Cable Car is a swirling, atmospheric and moody song that has soundtracked my mid-afternoon daydreams all week.