Five… it’s the magic number. Yes it is, it’s the magic number. Somewhere in that ancient mystic need to jive, you’ll get five. On the fifth of the fifth, here are the best new tunes of the week!

GRAACE, Kissing Boys

Grace Pitts’ honey-sweet voice has already been invading your ears for over a year, via her vocal feature on Hayden James’ monster hit NUMB. The 21-year-old has now released her debut single Kissing Boys, a lovely piano-driven track about lost love that is deepened by clever synths. Pitts’ voice, though, is the real star; “I close my eyes to fool myself” she hums as the song comes to an end.

You can catch GRAACE touring around the country at the moment with Flight Facilities (for Groovin The Moo).


Nelipot, Hudson Lane

This is a very good song that I stumbled upon during a regular wormhole session through Triple J Unearthed. Hudson Lane is the newest tune from Central Coast trio Nelipot. With sand between their toes, the band combine the kind of building, indie synths you’d find in your favourite Foals song with Brit-pop-inspired vocals. Hudson Lane feels instantly familiar; we’ll be keeping a close eye (or ear) on this talented group.


Willaris. K, Risen

If you haven’t got around the hype surrounding Willaris. K yet, don’t fret: there is still time. With his Alchemy EP (via Soothsayer) a month away, we’ve just received his newest piece of emotive electronica.

Here’s what he has to say about this new track. “Risen was a bit of a breakthrough where I blocked out everything that was happening around me and just wrote something that was a reflection of how I was feeling at the time. I was taking my laptop everywhere, recording random sounds through my laptop mic, going into old ideas and being overly ruthless on them by deleting everything but a few elements that I thought had potential to become something new.”


Nicole Millar, Gimme A Break

We’ve been bumping Sydney pop princess Millar’s shimmering new track Gimme A Break for a few weeks now, and we think you should cop it too. The follow-up to the humongous Blindfolded is an upbeat change of pace for the artist, and full of tasty ’80s synths and drums, put together by producer Dan Farber (who previously worked on Tremble with Millar).

On her change in style, Millar said: “I’ve never really written anything like this song, which makes me so excited to show everyone… It’s basically a girl power anthem telling some dude how it is. It’s based off a story back in my teens of a guy that would message me from the moment I woke up into the night, constantly leaving me no room to breathe. And let’s be real, girls love the guys that ignore us!”


Client Liaison, Survival In The City

Client Liaison’s brand new track Survival In The City sees Monte Morgan and Harvey Miller continue their nostalgic, dance-guided slices of Australiana, but this one has a distinctly tribal vibe. “Survival in the City is a phrase we’ve had kicking round for some time,” say the duo. “Its ties into our core themes addressing the fast pace of corporate culture. It’s about living the grind and chasing the struggle, where the city is an eternal lure for a life bigger, faster and greater.”

The pair are going  to be performing at Sydney’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia show next week to promote the single, as well as their latest profitable endeavour: a full clothing collection, named the Client Liaison Deluxe Line.