What’s special about Friday April 7? If you answered “It’s Jackie Chan’s birthday” you get a unicorn sticker but I also would have accepted “It’s time for another five awesome tunes from Tim.” 

Jess Locke, Better/Bitter

Happy Pool House Records Day! Founders The Smith Street Band release their fourth LP today (which we reviewed here; you can also read our interview wth the charming Wil here), and first signee to the roster Jess Locke is celebrating with the release of this dreamy, cathartic number.


Ruby Fields, I Want

You maybe haven’t heard of Ruby Fields yet but that’s OK – she uploaded her first ever song a few days ago, and I’ve had it on repeat ever since. It’s like kicking the Grand Final-winning goal with your first ever punt of the football.


Dear Seattle, The Meadows

Part Three in this week’s edition of How Good Is Australian Music comes from four lads from the Northern Beaches of Sydney, called Dear Seattle. Their latest, The Meadows, is a brash, emotional, philosophical, indie-grunge explosion of sound – what more could you want?


Grenadiers, Suburban Life

Another of the Adelaide-led punk-rock resurgence: three-piece rock lords Grenadiers are back with a new axe-slinging face-melter for you to sink a Friday arvo pint to. Ah, Adelaide – the city that sounds better with every listen. Speaking of things that are sounding more and more appealing, when frontman Jesse Coulter’s whiskey husk howls “smash a two-piece feed and watch Family Feud“ he makes Grant Denyer sound bearable, almost.


Joey Bada$$, Rockabye Baby feat Schoolboy Q

It must be nice being Kendrick Lamar’s favourite rapper.
I almost made it a whole week with out a dose of hip hop but don’t fret, Joey Bada$$ is here to fill the banger filled void in your Friday. Off his brand new (out today!) album All-Amerikkkan Bada$$, Rockabye Baby teams Joey with Californian rapper Schoolboy Q – and there hasn’t been a perfectly matched pair of flows in a long time.


Bonus Round this week because, bloody hell, did you hear Holy Holy cover Julia Jacklin’s Pool Party at the APRAs? Check it out below.