Sing a song of fivepence, a pocket full of rye, a bunch of little tunes all baked up in a pie. The pie is hot and the pie is fresh, these tunes are the best this week from here to Bangladesh. Featuring: The Lex Man, Gena Bruce, IDLES, The Goon Sax, and Bob Moses!

The Lex Man, Making Money

This song starts out a bit like John Farnham’s Reasons (one of the criminally underappreciated triumphs of Whispering Jack, along with the even more superior Love To Shine, but that’s a fight for another time), but it soon becomes apparent The Lex Man is cut from an entirely different chiffon. Having spent the last several years as part of Sydney alt-pop act Tigertown, Alexi Collins has started recording solo tunes as his “narcissistic alter-ego” The Lex Man, one of the aims of which is to deliver “uncomfortably honest lyrics.” Well, he’s nailed that part, but the melody in this one is stick-in-you-head great too.


Gena Bruce, Coming Down

The fact that Gena Rose Bruce’s fanpool includes Olympia, Henry Wagons, Tash Sultana, Ella Hooper, Marlon Williams, Lisa Mitchell, Jade Imagine, Polish Club and Shane Nicholson is the first big duck-fat clue that the singer-songwriter knows what’s up. The Melbournite’s new single Coming Down is a dewy, blues-bathed corker with big boots on, and it shows off the wonderful character of Bruce’s voice: somehow innocent but so damn womanly at once, like Angel Olsen and her ilk.


IDLES, Colossus

Good Lord, this is a magnetic song and video. What’s your favourite of Joe Talbot’s private shout-palaces? I love the topiary, but the cake is also brilliant. Bristol punk five-piece IDLES released their debut Brutalism last year (it was dedicated to frontman Talbot’s late mother, whose ashes were pressed inside 100 copies of the vinyl). Enraged and exhilarating, it made an enormous splash in the UK press; fresh track Colossus – a two-parter, which rewards your loyalty with an absolutely blistering finale and some sleb cameos played by the other members of the band – suggests there’s something new and very angry coming. Can’t hardly wait.


Bob Moses, Heaven Only Knows

Vancouver-born, LA-livin’ duo Bob Moses are Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance, and they’ve released their first new stuff since massively acclaimed album Days Gone By (2015). Heaven Only Knows sounds a bit Young Fathers, with beautifully breathy harmonies, deep piano, and a pret-ty awesome, electronic new wave/post-punk beat.


The Goon Sax, She Knows

It’s the vid for The Goon Sax’ single She Knows, the very first from their upcoming album We’re Not Talking (out Sept 14)!!! I really don’t want to ruin the chorus for you (as in, reveal what it is exactly she knows) but suffice to say this is another example of the Brisbane trio’s extremely astute, slightly freakish, all-wonderful ability to make you feel like you’ve popped the lock on someone’s secret diary (maybe even your own).