Walking in the shadows of a national treasure isn’t easy, but here are Tim’s 5 Tunes, on an All Aussie Adventure for the ages.


Kingswood, Creepin

We’ve just got our first taste of new material from Melbourne rockers Kingswood, and this is a doozy. The influence of hanging out in Nashville is obvious, showing off a new bluesy side.


D.D Dumbo, Satan

Our Album of the Month star’s stirring highlight from Utopia Defeated. A very wise YouTube commenter nailed the description of this song better than I ever could: “It’s like Sting teamed up with Talking Heads and took acid with Peter Gabriel.” Nailed it.



Tkay Maidza, Tennies

Major Lazer vibes alert. If Carry On – the first single off Maidza’s upcoming debut TKAY – was made for the radio, Tennies is made for a lit club in the Bahamas. TKAY is out October 28; world domination will follow soon after.

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Cub Sport, I Can’t Save You

This track may be a few months old but it was a colder, darker time back then, and this tropical flower didn’t get a chance to bloom.

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Bad//Dreems, Mob Rule

Leading the Adelaide music scene (along with 5 Tunes compatriot Tkay) are blue-collar shred lords Bad//Dreems. Chuck on a navy Bonds singlet, scull a pint, smoke half a pack of ciggies, and now you’re ready to listen to Mob Rule.