Hey pooches, it’s 5 Tunes time. Beware: you might fall into a Paramore YouTube wormhole (certainly not the worst sort of wormhole). 

Benjamin Booker, Right On You

There is a slow build-up in NOLA soul man Benjamin Booker’s new track Right On You, but once it swaggers into life, you’ll never get the slinky blues riffs or his signature grainy howl out of your head.


Yeo, Never Wanted That feat. Asta

Is this the official arrival of dancehall into Australia? I’ll see your Drizzy and Rihanna and raise you one Yeo and Asta. If I wasn’t currently sitting under an electric blanket I would call this the song of the summer – but I do have a sneaky feeling we will all still have this in our playlist when the sun finally emerges again.


In Hearts Wake, Passage

Imagine Captain Planet grew up in Byron Bay listening to Parkway Drive. Apart from being environmentally conscious, lyrically the five-piece have delivered a brutal lead single to their upcoming fourth LP, Arc – out May 26.


Paramore, Hard Times 

Paramore are back… well, kinda. Founding member Zac Farro has returned after a brief split but that’s where any resemblance to the angsty punks you remember from your Myspace profile ends. The trio’s lead single from their upcoming album After Laughter (out May 12) is an ’80s throwback pop novelty. It’s undeniably catchy, I just can’t figure out whether I can accept this is Paramore now. 

Just FYI, this is what old Paramore were capable of.
PS I got 100% on this song playing Guitar Hero once. True story.

After Laughter is available for pre-order at JB Hi-Fi now 


Lana Del Rey, Lust For Life feat. The Weeknd 

Lana Del Rey sometimes releases songs that are about her fatal attraction to the drugged-up, emotionally unavailable, broken bad boys. This time, she has enlisted the help of one of these fellas for the title track of her upcoming new album, featuring whispered, sultry verses with The Weeknd’s soaring falsetto.