Have you, like us, been staring out the front window with your paws on the back of the couch, trying to send your eye-stalks around the corner to see if he’s coming, is he coming, is he back yet, oh my actual Lord is that him, I think it’s him, IT IS! Tim “Thank baby Jesus for that” Lambert is back to deliver his 5 Choons, fresh with a sprig of cherry blossom on top.

Slowly Slowly, Aliens

The first time I heard this track my goosebumps got goosebumps and that’s what’s made it so hard to choose the other four songs after this – it’s been near impossible to listen to anything else this week.

Frontman Ben Stewart says of the way this track came together: “The song is a stream of consciousness, equal parts self-loathing and self-pity. I wrote it in my car on my phone in about four minutes. I guess that’s why it kind of sucks.” Why is self-deprecation so endearing?


Cardi B, Bodak Yellow

Amazingly, Bodak Yellow is yet to fully make its way Down Under to our airwaves, so it’s hard to grasp just how big this song is. So let me put it in the most ‘Buzzfeed’ way I know possible:





Last Lions, The Sky Was Black

Late last year my tune radar started pinging when I heard punks Last Lions for the first time. Their new single The Sky Was Black is the exact step the Western Australians needed to make: production ramped up, riffs heavier than a Tony Abbott head-butt, and the dramatic storytelling for which I loved early Panic! At The Disco.


Alex Lahey, I Haven’t Been Taking Care Of Myself

If Melbourne all-star Alex Lahey is good enough for Smash Mouth, then she is bloody good enough for me.



CXLOE, Tough Love

Sydney banger-creator CXLOE’s debut single Tough Love is exactly the kind of pop song that Australia does not get enough of. The synths are dark and brooding, complementing her vulnerable vocal before dropping a huge hook that should be on your radio in 3… 2… 1…


Bonus Round:

Gang Of Youths, Blood

I was brainstorming tweaks we could make to this weekly segment, and it finally camein to my head: 5 Tunes You’ve Gotta Hear This Week and Gang Of Youth’s Like A Version. Inspired, right? Maybe not, but let’s run with it for just this week.