Out comes the sunny, out come the honeys: five of them, to be totally categorical. Zoë Radas takes you through the shiny must-hears of the week, comprising Robyn, How To Dress Well, Pom Poko, Ross Henry, and Another Sky.

Robyn, Ever Again

My chums, it’s release day for an album that’s already been proclaimed one of the diamonds of the year: Honey (read our review here), from the Swedish queen of heart-squishing dance-belters Robyn. She’s dropped this third delectable dollop for your crumpet, Ever Again. It’s an excellent example of the glowing depths and vivid highs Robyn grasps on Honey – you absolutely need this album on your radar.

How To Dress Well, Body Fat

Here’s some endangered magic right here: delicate and almost torturously radiant, Body Fat is about how trauma can leech into our very molecules, and we can’t be friends if it doesn’t floor you. How To Dress Well’s new album Anteroom just came out last week and it’s probably one you wanna get on vinyl.

Pom Poko, My Blood

Ragnhild Fangel has one of those voices where you sort of freeze mid-whatever and listen to every tiny sound she’s making – the pop of her Ps and the tick of her Ts are like a single-haired paintbrush, which suddenly sprouts into a mane when square-cut guitars bring this gem into all its gleaming art-rock glory. The Norwegian four-piece have released My Blood alongside the news they’re releasing their debut album Birthday on February 22 next year.

Ross Henry, The Birds And The Breeze

Opening with birdie tweets and rushing water, Ross Henry’s new track unfurls into a swooping and weaving thing of astonishing pop-electronica beauty, whose charm rests on space as much as sound. Here’s what the exciting Sydney artist says of the track: “You can hoard all the oxygen in the atmosphere, water in the oceans, write your name in the sky, build a pyramid or two. However, your name will fade over time. Life as it presents itself will transform and keep on rolling into many other embodiments, as it did long before the idea of ‘you’ came about. It’s all quite funny really. Running away from death has become a very serious style of living. Humour is a wonderful blessing.”

Another Sky, Chillers

I wrote about this intriguing London band’s last single Avalanche a few weeks ago, and now they’ve come up with another tune that’s even more compelling. This one’s so good my whole ghost nearly fell out – again, they’ve grabbed pop sensibility with their hooky little paws and wound it ’round with urgent, sometimes dissonant acoustic guitar, and an absolutely killer set of lines. (“This time it’s “All the chillers in their villas in Hollywood”, and “Hey, oh how love, could you do this to me?”) Can’t wait for the LP. I recommend you go with the Jools Holland live performance so you can see for reals that Catrin Vincent’s voice is 100% coming out of her own body.