Fresher than a breakfast bánh mì (meatballs, extra pâté), get ready for Tim’s 5 Choons: Ainslie Wills, Ukiyo, Yergurl, CXLOE, Basement, and a bonus round with playful ‘n’ cryptic alt-pop collective Superorganism!

Ainslie Wills, Society

Seminal songwriter Ainslie Wills has returned with her sombre new single Society, the first taste of her highly-anticipated second album All You Have Is All You Need, set for release in 2019.

Wills’ soaring, journal-entry effort comes from a deep place with aspirations to start a conversation on society’s ever-looming expectations: “I’ve always done exactly what I’m told, but that ain’t gonna work for me no more,” she sings.

The musician says of the track: “I want this song to be a talking point for people who feel restricted by the pressure that society places on us to fit into a conventional way of living and existing. I know I feel that pressure constantly.”

Ukiyo, Clicky

“Don’t say ‘Flume vibes’ Tim, don’t say ‘Flume vibes’” was my initial thought when I sat down to write about production wizard Ukiyo’s new instrumental ticker Clicky. Too late, I guess. But it’s hard not to draw the comparison between Ukiyo and Australia’s biggest electronic export – especially when they both have an enviable knack for telling fully-formed stories without lyrics.

“Instrumentals have a special place in my heart, definitely stemming from my love of soundtracks… I started and basically finished Clicky in one hot Aussie summer day,” the multi-instrumentalist says. “The track started with all the percussion stuff which is why it got that name – most of my tracks start with a silly name like that, but somehow this one stuck. I recorded the synth stuff live and really liked how out of time it was, so I kept them like that and kind of warped the rest of the track to be in time with these synth stabs, instead of the other way round.”

The 21-year-old released his new EP Fantasy this week, too, which is full of tunes just like this one. Mixing innovative percussive-electronic instrumentals along with lead singles Go and Something Like This, Ukiyo has seemingly nailed his spot within that blurry world of electronic music that is perfect for morning wind-downs, afternoon starters, and late-night dancefloor boogies.

Check out his full EP here.

Yergurl, Skateboard

Introducing Yergurl: high school student Fae Scott from Central Victoria, and my pick for Triple J’s Unearthed High competition this year. She’s a bedroom beatmaker channelling Lana Del Rey’s downtrodden sassiness with a millennial tinge and kick-on sunglasses.

CXLOE, Show You

Do you know what Australia is really good at? Not cricket, unfortunately. It’s producing dramatic pop beasts like George Maple, Nicole Millar, Kota Banks, Austen, and now, Sydney’s CXLOE.

Her songs (and latest single Show You in particular) lean more into the indie scene than her peers, channelling acts like Broods and Lorde. Huge hooks, emotional choruses, dramatic twists. Sign me up.

Basement, Disconnect

British melodic hardcore lads Basement are back with their brand new track Disconnect, and an upcoming album in tow. Following from their hugely successful 2016 LP Promise Everything, Disconnect is the first taste of new album Beside Myself (out Oct 12).

This track is undoubtedly Basement. Did I expect a huge change-up in sound? No. Did I want a change? See previous answer. My Dad always said “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” (he likes clichés). Sure, he was talking about football, but same goes for British punk music.

Bonus Round: Superorganism, Congratulations (Like A Version)

This international eight-piece met online, before gathering themselves from all corners of the globe into a London sharehouse . Led by Japanese teenager Orono Noguchi, the band were out recently for Splendour In The Grass, and made time to pop into Triple J studios for a special mash-up of Congratulations by MGMT and Post Malone, respectively. The group are bizarre and wonderful; you’ll see what I mean below. If you’re hangin’ for more, read our interview with bandmember Emily here.