Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight, choosing choons by Friday-light, he is the one named Timothy Lambert! This week’s 5 tunes features RAAVE TAPES, Sparrow, Ruby Fields, Austen, and Angie McMahon.


While anyone who’s been blessed to catch this blistering Novocastrian trio live will be familiar with bass-slinging baddie Lindsay O’Connell’s vocal contribution, RAAVE TAPES’ newest single, Stabs, is O’Connell’s official vocal debut, and it might be the band’s best release yet.

Frantic, purposeful and unpredictable, Stab tackles the nauseating feeling of social anxiety: “We’re aiming to convey the emotions that cloud your judgement in that anxiety-inducing moment,” vocalist/guitarist Joab Eastley says of the song. “It centres on the feeling of being exposed and how it’s possible to internalise and misinterpret the glances and proverbial ‘daggers’ that get thrown your way.”

The trio will be heading to Gippsland at the end of the month for The Hills Are Alive for what’s sure to be another highlight set. You can still grab tickets here.

Angie McMahon, Pasta

Speaking of promising songwriters, Melbourne’s incomparable Angie McMahon has released the soaring Pasta. McMahon says the track is about “feeling really tired, trying anyway, and wanting to rock out like Springsteen,” and isn’t that just a mood and a half?

Pasta is an earworm; it hums along with poignant and witty lyricsm, and a self-assured riff populating its first half. Just when you think you know how it’ll play out, the tempo starts to build and before you know it, two minutes of McMahon belting out her most upbeat material to date smacks you in the face.

Austen, Anthem

Australian pop music is really going through a golden spot with emerging artists at the moment, and right at the very top of that list is Brisbane’s Austen. Following on from the brooding Too High To Cry is Anthem, and in the most literal sense, the song plays out as titled – empowered and soaring, peaking and pitting with delicate and moody production, creeping under your skin, leaving a lasting impression.

Ruby Fields, Climate

On the back of extending her recently announced tour, Ruby Fields has dropped a new single, Climate, and announced her follow-up EP, Permanent Hermit.

You’ll know it’s a Ruby Fields song as soon you hear the opening lyrics: “Pass us the bug spray would ya? I’m getting’ sick of bein’ eaten alive.” Following up the huge Dinosaurs was never going to be an easy task but it hasn’t seemed to bother Fields at all. As her poignant songwriting keeps growing, it’s scary to think just how good she will become.

New dates have been announced for the EP tour as most shows sold out instantly; head here for all the ticketing info.

Sparrows, Do U Wanna Dance?

Indie electronic producer Sparrows takes it back a notch from previous releases with slow burner Do U Wanna Dance?. Where her previous release Over & Out channelled a more tribal beat, akin to an act like Pnau, DUWD is more delicate and patient. It’s super quirky and infectious, and more rewarding with each listen.