Six little sausages sitting in a pan, three went POP and the others went BANG! That’s right, schweedies: this week ZKR brings you not five but six sizzling new tracks to get your fork into. Featuring Huntly, Ben Wright Smith, Emily King, Rosella, Two People, and Tourist.

Huntly, Wiggle

Huntly’s lead singer Elspeth can fit a lot of words into the bars of this elegant pop pearler, and she doesn’t waste any of them. With the kind of minimalistic grace you find in Robyn, Tirzah or Peggy Gou, Huntly make you realise how much you’ve missed dance music that doesn’t vaguely poke and prod at an idea under the guise of mystery (and sadly lose your attention in the process) –  they say what they feel and they bloody well mean it.

You can catch ’em live at two dates coming up:
24 November 2018 – Melbourne Music Week Pop React – Melbourne (Tickets)
15 February 2019 – The Grampians Music Festival, Victoria (Tickets)


Rosella, Something In The Air

I don’t always feel like cymbal-swishy, slow alt-rock, but when I do I want it to be truckin’ down Quality Street. Or more accurately, if I may shift the metaphor from Nestle to the other non-Australian-owned-but-somehow-iconically-Australian sweet treat company which has a ROSELLA in its logo, I want it to be a box of Arnott’s Assorted Creams (with no Kingstons – fight me). Anyway, immerse yourself in blissful neo-Motor Ace with this emotive and atmospheric treasure.


Emily King, Look At Me Now

This cute as hell R’n’B jam from Grammy-nommed singer-songwriter Emily King is a pleasure from soup to nuts. How are those Queen guitars and descending circus piano that come in half-way through, or the B-B-B-Benny-esque stomp of the keys? Emily says of the track: “I wanted to write a song addressing someone who hurt you in the past. As if you just run into them on the street one day and now’s your chance to let them know how great you’ve been doing. But really, all you want is their attention. Insecurity disguised as swagger.”

King’s new album Scenery will be out Feb 1 via ATO Records/PIAS/Inertia.


Ben Wright Smith, Everybody Wants What Is Mine

Yer indie-folk fella Ben Wright Smith (whose debut album The Great Divorce we very much liked, as you can see here) is back with new EP Psychotropical, which is the first of three golden eggs he’ll mold into a new album for 2019. The first single is called Everyone Wants What Is Mine, which is a radiant wedge of acoustically-textured, sun-licked folk.

In other news, Smith has been hanging out with Lachlan Rose from Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird which is probably destined to be one of those iconic duos (a superior iteration of which people will soon demand, and then wait for, you to name).

Tourist, Someone Else

You know what they say about humour and dissecting a frog? The same is true for this utterly enchanting piece from Tourist. Just get in.

Live dates coming up, too:
Pitch Music & Arts 2019
March 8th-11th 2019, Moyston VIC – Tickets
Days Like This Festival
March 9th 2019, Sydney NSW – Tickets


Two People, In The Garden

The fact that Two People have just signed to Brooklyn-based label Terrible Records – who take care of international luminaries like Solange, Moses Sumney, Blood Orange and Empress Of – should clue you in to how exquisite they truly are. If you like the ‘90s deep house feel of No Mono, you’ll adore In The Garden. The Melbourne duo’s debut album First Body is due out Jan 18, via Liberation (and you can pre-order it on vinyl at JB right now).