In honour of International Women’s Day, I’ve zeroed in on the female Aussies who IMO have recently released super wonderful, eminently replayable tracks. And I mean replayable like, ‘Gosh I have so much other sh-t to do today, including listening to myriad other songs because it is my job, but I just want to hear this one more time’ replayable. Dangerous! And marvellous.

Melody Pool, Love She Loves Me

Nothing like scream-singing that one bit in the chorus that you know I’m talking about. Here’s our review of Melody’s excellent 2016 album Deep Dark Savage Heart, and did you see her on Australian Story last month?


Ali Barter, Cigarette

Barter is releasing her debut A Suitable Girl next month (look out for our interview with the singer-songwriter, coming soon) and is an unabashed feminist. Aside from being just an excellent rock jag with a shoutable chorus, Cigarette also contains a line I cannot get out of my head: “I can’t explain to you the energy it takes to have to face these feelings every day.”
BONUS: Check out Ali’s The History Grrrls playlist on Spotify, which features belters from Hole, The Carpenters, Billie Holiday, Erykah Badu, Garbage, PJ Harvey, Nina Simone, Cat Power, Dolly Parton, Juliana Hatfield and heaps more.


Lorde, Green Light

Yes she’s a Kiwi, but ‘Australasian’ was too long to fit in the article title. As if you haven’t listened to this a jagillion times already, but one more won’t hurt. It’s an absolute diamond, and the first single from the Auckland-born musician’s upcoming second album Melodrama.


All Our Exes Live In Texas, Tell Me

This one isn’t just brilliant because the clip features the band kicking the sporting asses of their fictional ex-boyfriends (one of whom is played by Phil Jamieson thankyouverymuch), but its melody is so beautiful and pleading and will stick in your head. Why not read our interview with accordion player Elana Stone, who is also the lucky bandmember who got to push Jamieson into the dirt?


Tash Sultana, Electric Feel

Former Melbourne busker, now internationally adored musician Tash Sultana released her debut EP Notion last month; I mercilessly flogged its titular track at work and home as soon as I heard it, but this recent Like A Version of MGMT’s Electric Feel is totally sublime. Have a read of our review of Notion here.


Tkay Maidza, Simulation

When we interviewed Tkay Maidza about her album TKAY last year, she told us that it was “just a bonus” people cared about the music she was creating, because her intention was to do it for herself. That’s the way! The joyful as hell Simulation is my favourite from the 20-year-old’s debut.