Nothing will ever beat the spectacle of the boy band. Free to borrow from every flavour of the month and combine it with the bombast of stadium rock, boy bands may be less fashionable than they were 20 years ago but they’ll never completely go away.

Their music videos are no different. Giving a limitless budget to a band with millions of fans has constantly provided some of the greatest film clips ever, especially when it comes to the wicked and perverted. Trapped by fame, hounded by fans – it all comes out in their videos eventually.

*NSYNC, It’s Gonna Be Me

As if the prospect of JT et al. trapped in toy boxes isn’t horrifying enough, the video for It’s Gonna Be Me features an outfit combining capri pants and platform flip flops. Yikes.


Backstreet Boys, Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)

Until Jennifer Garner’s iconic performance in 13 Going On 30, this was the best Thriller pastiche in pop culture. You could argue it also laid the groundwork for Van Helsing and every other monster mashup movie that’d creep through cinemas over the next decade.


5ive, Don’t Wanna Let You Go

The world in 2000 was still reeling from Y2K paranoia and a decade of hacker movies culminating with The Matrix, making computer nerds seem much scarier and cooler than they really were. Case in point: this video, where everyone walks around in leather trenchcoats and the hacker is a love-crazed babe. Of course, since then all those nerds have started social media sites and now own all our private information so maybe the hysteria was right.


*NSYNC, Bye Bye Bye

Featuring the trope of the band being manipulated by women, Bye Bye Bye cuts between the boys as marionettes and scenes of Timberlake fleeing dogs. It also predicts that Inception hallway fight scene by like a full ten years.


One Direction, Midnight Memories

Midnight Memories lacks the gloomy mood of the other videos on this list, but it’s spooky for another reason: presenting an alternate reality where Niall gets turned down by a girl at a house party.


Fall Out Boy, The Young Blood Chronicles

When Fall Out Boy released their fifth album in 2013, they released a video for every track on it – a horror movie musical in which the band are kidnapped, tortured and brainwashed. It’s real goofy.


Take That, How Deep Is Your Love

This pappy single seems innocent enough until you see the clip, where a jacked woman with model-ish features kidnaps and tortures the boys and later threatens them with death. And just when it seems like everything might turn out okay, it gets real grim.