Remember when we all found out Keanu Reeves had a Matrix-themed bass? No?


keanu Reeves

Well, we’ve discovered that there are a bunch of other very special guitars/basses out there which deserve to be matched with the appropriate pop-culture character!

Here they come:


1. The Alex Lora ‘rude finger’ bass goes to Cash. Yeah, he didn’t play bass, but as if anyone else has ever flipped the bird with that sort of gusto? This one also has a rather interesting headstock.

2. I don’t know about you but when I think ‘axe’, I think Patrick Bateman. The Cort Gene Simmons Axe Bass is perfect for jamming along to some Huey Lewis.


3. This gorgeous 3D-printed electric guitar (created by NZ professor Olaf Diegel) is just made for old mate squishy blue Diva opera singer from The Fifth Element.

4. I always saw Wario as the musical one; he gets this $590USD Nintendo guitar.


5. Friday Night Lights heartthrob Tim Riggins fits this gnarly grid iron helmet guitar like a glove (you can even get custom teams).

6. For Khaleesi, we want to get a custom flame-thrower out the end of this dragon-wing guitar like the guy from Mad Max.


7. Bigfoot obvs.

8. Lastly, the coolest gumball guitar needs the coolest gum-chewer to shred it.

Check out JB Hi-Fi’s range of slightly more normal-looking axes.