December seems to be the wingman of all months. After all its attempts with the Christmas mistletoe, it’s now the New Year’s Eve kiss that dawns upon lonely lips.

If you want to give that special person the hint that you’re interested, here are some songs to throw on just before the countdown begins.

Sixpence None the Richer, Kiss Me

“Kiss me beneath the milky twilight/ Lead me out on the moonlit floor”


Asobi Seksu, And Then He Kissed Me

“All the stars were shining bright/ And then he kissed me”


Echo & the Bunnymen, Lips Like Sugar 

“She’ll ask you and you’ll give her/ Lips like sugar, sugar kisses”


Lady Antebellum, Just a Kiss

“Just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight/ Just a touch of the fire burning so bright”


Elvis, Kiss Me Quick

“Kiss me quick I just can’t stand this waiting/ ‘Cause your lips are lips I long to know”

Journey, Kiss Me Softly

“Kiss me softly, kiss me slowly/ I get lost in you like only lovers do”

Ed Sheeran, Kiss Me

“Kiss me like you wanna be loved/ You wanna be loved”


Whitney Houston ft. Enrique Iglesias, Could I Have This Kiss Forever

“Could I hold you for all time?/ Could I could I have this kiss forever?”


The Little Mermaid, Kiss the Girl

“Don’t be scared/ You got the mood prepared/ Go on and kiss the girl”

What will be your midnight track to kiss 2021 goodbye?