With Red Dead Redemption 2 having the biggest launch of any entertainment product in history, it’s only fitting we make a playlist to go with it. Unfortunately, folks didn’t have FM radio back in 1899, meaning the distinctive radio stations of Rockstar Games’ other success story – Grand Theft Auto – is absent from this cowboy tale. But next time you’re in a saloon, ask the man at the piano if he’s taking requests, and give him one of these.

The Notorious B.I.G., Gimme The Loot

Note: The word “pregnant” is censored in this version of Gimme The Loot. Despite what YouTube drama would have you believe, Red Dead 2 protagonist Arthur Morgan does have scruples when it comes to robbing women, so this lines up nicely – unlike Biggie, Arthur would give a hoot if they were pregnant.


Bon Jovi, Wanted Dead Or Alive

You will, several times through the game, see those exact words on your screen. Maybe you’ve gutshot a small militia of honest beer-drinkin’ poker-losin’ innocents. Maybe you just wrestled with a corrupt lawman at an inopportune moment. Man, the world really tries to stop you having any fun, especially when it involves doing lots of murders.


Patti Smith, Land

You’re thinking this is here because you ride horses in the game. Wrong! You also pet, feed, brush, and sometimes, accidentally, murder horses with your hysterical inability to avoid large rocks and trees. You can feed your horse something called Horse Reviver, which is probably some horrendous drug. Folks were a lot more casual with their opium use back then. Who knows what they gave their nags.


Skatt Brothers, Life At The Outpost

One of the most disappointing parts of Red Dead Redemption 2 (and this is a slight spoiler, so beware) is that Arthur Morgan and Dutch never smooch, the bristles of their moustaches becoming entwined like snakes in ecstasy. With the Skatt Brothers’ Walk The Night heard everywhere in GTA IV, this proto queercore yee-haw hit would surely be on Red Dead’s equivalent of a radio station.


Tupac, Changes

Pac being somber and introspective isn’t unusual, but Changes in particular captures the conflict of that outlaw life. If you’ve played even a little of Red Dead Redemption 2, you know Arthur hardly buys into what they’re doing as being right, and even less that they’re changing the world for the better.


Pet Shop Boys, Go West

Yeah, the type of West the Pet Shop Boys are referencing here is much different than the Wild West, but how often do you hear someone telling Arthur Morgan to go any direction but west? Just saying, maybe they should’ve gone backward to go forward.


Bob Marley, I Shot The Sheriff

You know we had to do it to ‘em.