Loose Tooth Keep UpNellie Jackson gives us the lowdown on how she and bandmates Etta Curry and Luc Dawson assembled Keep Up – Loose Tooth’s new, guitar pop-chockers album.

The clip for lead single Keep On is the three of you keepin’ on via a bunch of different modes of transport. Did anyone fight for (“I’m in the tank!”) or fight against (“Do not try to put me on a horse so help me”) any of those modes?

We were so strapped for time when making this clip! We literally had three days to make it work, which is a difficult task when you have so many locations to shoot. This meant that everyone just had to get what they were given, and make it work! But to be honest, everyone wished they had been in the tank.
PS: The horse was so cool 🙂

You’re well known for your gorgeous harmonies. For something like All The Colours Gone – where they’re not just everyone holding one note, but have their own little melodies – do you try to chart them out or do you just begin singing? 

Etta is our harmony go-to guru. She is a wizard. She will usually come up with the melody and then we’ll just practice until we get it right. I will be filled with self-doubt for many months until I feel comfortable with the harmony. Usually you just have to fake it ‘til you make it.

Thank you for the mental image of a butterknife going into my chest (Butterknife). Do you think it’s so much more gruesome than a sharp knife because it would take a lot of effort to do? Or maybe because it suggests a tranquil breakfast scene gone off the rails?

I think it’s a bit of both! If we wanted to get really punx we could say it is a representation of the complacency of the everyday person, and perhaps it’s a symbol of the ‘worker bee’ going off the deep end over a morning breakfast of toast and jam!? But we’d have to ask Luc to get the real answer…

In In The Morning, one of the melodies for the line “For a long long long long time” reminds me of Del Shannon’s hit Runaway (“And I wonder… why why why why why”). Are you fans of his ‘60s country-rock sound?

How awesome! We certainly are, but it wasn’t in the front of our mind when writing this song. I think we all grew up with a lot of ‘60s music in general, so it must be subliminal.

Who’s playing those stabs of sax in Bad One and You Want It, and when did you decide those tracks deserved that little something?

We always had the plan of bringing in the saxophone for the record. It is, after all, Etta’s favourite instrument. Our longtime friend Dale Packard came in and let rip on those songs, and we gave him freedom to do as he pleased! Everyone loves a bit of sax in their lives, after all!

Was there a track which almost didn’t make it onto the album – you couldn’t quite figure out how to nail it, and then the pennies fell into place at the last minute?

Moonshine and Asteroid were definitely last minute additions. We could not decide on a final structure for either song, and were still figuring things out at the last minute. It’s important in our eyes to at least give things a chance, and you can always say goodbye to a song later if you don’t love the result. So glad these two friends made it on the album.

Did you learn anything extremely important about the touring life during your UK & EU dates with labelmate/head Courtney Barnett?

We learnt that we never want to tour without Courtney Barnett again 🙂

Keep Up is out August 3 via Milk!/Remote Control.

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