Adrianne Lenker songs and instrumentalsWith no touring prospects in sight, Big Thief vocalist and songwriter Adrianne Lenker bunkered down in Massachusetts with a humble eight-track to record two distinctly sounding records: songs and instrumentals.

Lenker’s folk roots shine through on tracks with acoustic guitars layered over one another to create warm, comforting soundscapes. Evocative lyrics that revolve around nature, fragmented memories and intimate moments swell with little instrumental fanfare as Lenker’s stripped-back instrumentation gives her words further weight. Nature is an important feature across the records with the calming sound of rain introducing the track come and the buzzing of a bee ending zombie girl.

The first track on instrumentals is dedicated to Lenker’s partner and fellow musician Indigo Sparke; music for indigo features delicate chimes, gently plucked guitars and the sound of a heavy downpour alongside a scattered xylophone. Raw but not unrefined, the song is wonderfully meditative and is the perfect accompaniment to the second and final instrumental track mostly chimes, yet another soothing balm in Lenker’s rich discography.

Songs and instrumentals by Adrianne Lenker is out October 23 via Remote Control/4AD.

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