Album cover for Alex Cameron with purple vinyl record popping outOn his fourth album, New York-based Australian Alex Cameron adopts the identity of an opioid-addicted man as a vehicle for his songwriting.

A record of cautionary tales laced with regret, Oxy Music sees Cameron notably more contemplative, his usual suaveness replaced with an awareness that makes his proclamations feel profound against a backdrop of ’80s synths and euphoric choruses.

Songs are made all the more rousing with Roy Molloy’s saxophone, the instrument particularly elevating Sara Jo and Prescription Lenses. The album also features two duets: Cancel Culture with rapper Lloyd Vines, and the album’s title track with Sleaford Mods’ Jason Williamson, which closes the record out on an exhilarating note.

Oxy Music by Alex Cameron is out March 11 via Secretly Canadian.

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