I Love You Like A BrotherBack in the ’90s – when Alex Lahey was born – it was called slacker pop. That genre and Generation X was summed up by one glorious Dinosaur Jr. line: “I feel the pain of everyone, then I feel nothing.” You could call Lahey’s genre “millennial angst”.

I Love You Like A Brother opens with the party anthem Every Day’s The Weekend, but for the rest of the record Lahey does more over-thinking than drinking. She’s worried about mortgages and marriage equality, and whether she should settle down or travel. “It’s hard for me to put my arms around you when your backpack’s on,” she sings in one of the album’s many genuinely affecting lines. Musically, Lahey owes as much to Blondie as recent releases.

These are punk-tinged pop songs, sharp and sassy, with ripper rhyming couplets (“Who knew this turnaround would be so quick?” she spits in Awkward Exchange, “but I figured it out, you’re just a bit of a d-ck”). It’s not easy being young and restless when you have as many hang-ups as hook-ups, but Lahey has delivered a mighty debut. An album for our times.

I Love You Like A Brother is out October 6 via Nicky Boy Records/Caroline.

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