Alex Lahey Best Of Luck ClubMore dynamic than many of her contemporaries, Alex Lahey reminds of Liz Phair, falling somewhere between indie Phair and pop Phair, which is a great place to be.

She’s not afraid of a big pop chorus, cranking up the guitars and dialling up the hooks. But there’s plenty of depth, too, with whip-smart observations, youthful yearning and clever wordplay: “I enter my appointments greeted by a box of tissues,” she sings. “An hour is too short a time to get through all my issues.”

Interior Demeanour is a glorious ’90s throwback, a piece of grunge-tinged pop that Weezer or Hole would be proud of. The record is peppered with references to the changes in Lahey’s life. Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself (complete with searing sax solo) reads like a message to herself: “You sound tired on the phone, it’s fair enough – it’s been a while since you’ve been home.”

In less pop-proficient hands, the listening experience could have been miserable. But Lahey’s work is brimming with vitality and energy. “Am I doing it right?” she asks in the album’s pulsating second single. The answer is a resounding yes.

The Best of Luck Club is out May 17 via Caroline.

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