Album c over artwork for Alex the Astronaut with teal coloured vinyl record popping out“If you painted me, what colour would you make me?” Alex the Astronaut asks at the start of her second album. “Orange, purple, blue, who am I to you?”

Call it an early-life crisis. Or growing pains. Alex Lynn is wondering about her place in the world, uncertain what to say, filled with self-doubt and unsure which direction to go. The album is peppered with references to her therapist. In Airport, she listens to a Phoebe Bridgers song, but switches it off “’cause I was jealous I didn’t make it”. In Haircut, she confides: “I’m still scared of the mean girls from Year 8.” And she’s worried she’s haunted.

It sounds bleak, but Lynn’s sweetness shines through.

This is fine folk storytelling – a kaleidoscope of colours, all in a charming Aussie accent. And the overall message is quite simple. “If you’re sad,” Lynn declares in Octopus, “you can sing along.” She manages to make everyday experiences – moving house, having a haircut, caring for a loved one – sound magical. And Airport, the tale of being reunited with a former lover, is glorious. “I’ve loved you all this time,” Lynn sings as their favourite Carly Simon song provides the soundtrack. “I am home again.”

Yep, it’s been quite a trip, but Alex the Astronaut has landed a compelling second album. “How many shots till you’re all used up?” she asks. This record shows she’s got plenty of shots left in the locker.

How to Grow a Sunflower Underwater by Alex the Astronaut is out Jul 22 via Warner.

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