album artwork for Alex The AstronautAlex Lynn’s folk-pop songs are like compelling short stories, vignettes that transport us somewhere else. “We’ll slip into a song that can take us from our minds,” she sings. “Strange how a song can do that sometimes.”

She’s also capable of moving you to tears.

Her debut album includes the 2019 single I Like To Dance, which starts like a beautiful love story: “And then he kissed me, I was foun … He held me close, I felt at home. And I had always felt alone.” But then it takes a dark turn, becoming a devastating tale of domestic violence. “You scream, ‘Why don’t you leave?’ My kids are two and three, I just can’t pay for what they need,” Lynn sings, before adding, ominously, “We both know he’d find me.”

Pop music is rarely this powerful, and it stamps Alex the Astronaut as a great artist, even if she’s sometimes riddled with self-doubt. “Don’t know where I’m going or what I’ll be,” she confides in Caught In The Middle. And in Split The Sky, she’s “hoping I have what it takes to keep rolling”. The title of the album was inspired by the Einstein quote: “The more I learn, the more I realise how much I don’t know.”

Yes, this is just the start of Alex the Astronaut’s journey. But there’s no doubt she’s going to take us to some remarkable places.

The Theory of Absolutely Nothing by Alex the Astronaut is out Friday Aug 21 via Minkowski Records.

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