Album cover art for Amyl & the Sniffers with red vinyl record popping out“Angels. Heavenly. Guided. F-CK!” – so concludes Comfort To Me‘s opening salvo, Guided By Angels

As well as the mandatory Amyl And The Sniffers c-bombs – which are sprinkled liberally throughout this, the Melbourne group’s second full-length – magnetic bandleader Amy Taylor also serves plenty of real talk: “First port of call should be changing the date and changing the flag” (Capital); “Out comes the night, out comes my knifey/ This is how we get home nicely” (Knifey); “I am still a smart girl if I’m dressing slutty” (Laughing). And the band’s special brand of self-aware humour is in abundance here, too: Don’t Need A C**nt (Like You To Love Me) and the rollicking Security (especially those ‘inebriated’ closing backing vocals: “Will you let me in your pub?… I swear I’m not that druuuuunk…”).

This outstanding collection of punk vignettes deals sinister bass, walloping drums and insistent, chunky riffs – all supersized with Taylor’s sing-songy, percussive vocals. Stand-out anthem Don’t Fence Me In features riffs that climb gradually, evoking stealthily scaling a chickenwire fence to sneak into the drive-in at nightfall. Careening latest single Hertz – with its showy, Angus Young-esque guitar parts – celebrates spontaneous road trips.

Comfort To Me’s cover art resembles what Taylor’s face would look like, all up in your grill, if you were tripping balls: cartoony and freakish. Oozing authenticity, Taylor is the real deal. Like Chrissy Amphlett and Bon Scott before her, she’s a high-voltage conductor of “energy currency.”

“Worked at the IGA/ Now I’m famous, c-nt” – these lyrics are delivered with a wink, but truer words have never been spat.

Comfort To Me by Amyl & the Sniffers is out Sep 10 via b2b Records.

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