Album cover artwork for ANgel Olsen with black vinyl record popping outThroughout her career, Angel Olsen has been a master of catharsis, transfixing audiences through sharing a vulnerability that we’ve never found short of astounding.

Her sixth record Big Time is no exception, its lyrics written in the wake of Olsen coming out as queer and the passing of both her parents. Unpacking these life-changing experiences sees Olsen’s songs reach staggering apexes of emotion, instruments steadily building on Right Now and All the Flowers before erupting with an intensity that punctuates the album’s rawness.

Sonically, the record detours from the synth-based production of her last EP Aisles, instead embracing her alt-country roots, though it strikes the perfect balance between experimentation and staying true to the genre.

Big Time by Angel Olsen is out June 3 via Jagjaguwar/Inertia.

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