Angel Olsen Phases Album coverAround the release of My Woman, last year’s masterpiece, Angel Olsen appeared in a fascinating episode of the Song Exploder podcast.

Each element of her track Shut Up, Kiss Me was isolated; all the carefully considered reasons and happy accidents that led to the final version were shared with listeners. Olsen revealed how a percussive piano break in the song pays tribute to David Bowie and his own track Changes: “For me, recording is a magical thing that encapsulates a time.”

Elsewhere Olsen spoke of the different vocal techniques on the record, how she let go of previous ideas about how and what to sing. Phases gives us further insight into the extraordinary talents and creative processes of the artist. The collection spans many years and styles, from country to rock and roll and soulful ballads, each song a point on a path of constant exploration and growth.

Phases is out November 10 on CD, regular vinyl and limited edition olive green vinyl, via Inertia.

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