Album cover artwork of KiCk i by Arca“Bitch, I’m special you can’t tell me otherwise,” Arca declares on this album’s lead single Nonbinary, which features industrial clangs that could be Godzilla descending a steel spiral staircase.

Keys-driven standout Calor is stark and blinding like sunlight reflecting from black ice. The abrasive La Chiqui (feat. SOPHIE) sounds like mechanised playground taunts. Throughout, vocal contributions vacillate between celestial and bestial, while unconventional song structures and metallic beats worm their way under the skin, slivers of silence emphasising cacophony.

Arca has previously collaborated with Kanye, FKA Twigs and Björk (whose bewitching pipes glisten in Afterwards, KiCk i‘s halfway mark).

This amorphous, multi-disciplinary artiste’s inexhaustible creativity spews forth and drips from KiCk i.

KiCk i by Arca is out July 17 via XL/Remote Control.

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