Bad Dreems Doomsday Ballet album coverBad//Dreems claim Doomsday Ballet is “less pub, more art” but from Triffids/Angels references to canyon-echo guitar lines, their third album evokes some of Australia’s best pub acts.

Map the genomes: there’s the Eddy Current Suppression Ring churn of opener Morning Rain, the husky jangle of Dick Diver on Harry’s Station, the moody broody rhythm of co-producer Jack Ladder on Cannonball. Which makes its announcement here, in the dusk of the decade, so appropriate.

Most touchstones you could point to aren’t too active any more, but Doomsday Ballet takes the best lessons of the 2010s and refreshes them for a new cohort.

Doomsday Ballet by Bad//Dreems is out now via Farmer and the Owl/BMG.

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