Album cover artwork with blue vinyl record popping outOne of the more delightful things in life is being able to instantly recognise a Ball Park Music record from the very first track.

On Weirder & Weirder, the Brisbane outfit continue their development and refinement of the sound we have come to associate and celebrate with this band: eclectic and imaginative lyrics, a fuzzed-out, droning guitar line, and lead singer Sam Cromack’s half-spoken, half-yelled, elongated vocals high-stepping over the top of the instrumentation.

One of their stronger and more cohesive releases in recent years, Weirder & Weirder showcases Ball Park Music’s sublime ability to continue to create some of Australia’s most engaging indie rock, even after all this time.

Weirder & Weirder by Ball Park Music is out today on CD, with vinyl to follow on July 29, via Prawn Records.

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