Album cover artwork for BastilleLike Mario Kart course Rainbow Road, the cover art for Give Me the Future suggests a galvanic, pixelated journey into a space-age landscape – and similarly to the racetrack, Bastille suggest there are few railings holding us on the right course.

Across 13 tracks that take synths and electro beats as bones while horns, deft basslines and some sparkling percussion peek through, Dan Smith’s newest collection of songs leans on a laundry list of sci-fi figures and tropes. There’s George Orwell (“doublethink”), Aldous Huxley (beautifully-arranged string interlude Brave New World), Philip K. Dick (“Now that reality’s distorted, can we just Blade Run-run-run away?”), Second Life, Total Recall, Back to the Future, and a Siri-esque spoken-word verse that recalls Radiohead’s Fitter Happier.

Pining for a transhumanist future in which there are “no bad days” while simultaneously stink-eyeing our current tech culture (“Virtual porn, airbrush my jaw/ Are we having fun yet?” – Plug In), Give Me the Future finds the answer to its questions in breezy mid-paced closer Future Holds, in which a throbbing gospel choir parts the clouds: “Who knows what the future holds?/ Don’t matter if I got you.”

Keep an ear out for multi-award-winning actor Riz Ahmed (who got his break in 2014 opposite Jake Gyllenhaal in Night Crawler), whose beat poetry on Promises fits hand in glove.

Give Me the Future by Bastille is out Feb 4 via Virgin/EMI.

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