Battles Juice B Crypts album artBattles’ fourth album opens with Ambulance, which sounds like an ice cream truck’s jingle reinterpreted by New Order and Kraftwerk.

They roll as a duo – multi-instrumentalist Ian Williams and drummer John Stanier – these days, and Juice B Crypts is heavy on the killer feats: Sal Principato (Liquid Liquid) will knock your block off as will Shabazz Palaces, who dish out “young hustler” advice. Carn, we dare you to try dancing along with Sugar Foot (feat. Jon Anderson & Prairie WWWW) without looking unco!

The same keys riff bookends Juice B Crypts – organ to start, piano to finish – and Battles really are too bloody clever for their own good! Featuring freakishly intelligent explorations of rhythm and deconstructed melodies, your IQ will surely increase with each listen.

Juice B Crypts by Battles is out October 18 via Warp/Inertia.

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