Big Wild SuperdreamIn his effort to make an “instinctual and subconscious” album, Jackson Stell – composer, producer and vocalist, creating music under the name Big Wild – has proven he knows precisely how to concoct the slide and thump of a satisfying dance beat.

On Superdream, his vocal and basslines sometimes melt a little at their edges, like the cheese on a patty or a clock on a twig, while his percussion remains totally crisp. Stand-out 6’s to 9’s is a sunny, sensual delight, whose intimate little parts open into a gospel-backed, synth-bright wonder, while single Joypunks contains all the charm of Stardust’s Music Sounds Better With You.

Stell is a gifted craftsman whose music simply glows.

Superdream is out Feb 1 via Counter Records/Inertia.

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