Billie Eilish album coverOpening with a slurred soundbite in which Eilish takes out her Invisalign and sliding right into the turbo-horny Bad Guy, the Californian songwriter makes the album’s screw-around sentiment clear from the jump.

This gives way to the downtempo but almost hopeful Xanny, and from there, it only gets looser.

Eilish has carved a niche as an unapologetic gets-what-she-wants lyricist, and here that manifests as dark, jittering party anthems punctured by sardonic ballads, all determined to shock. Processing Regina Spektor via The Weeknd, or Drake via Lana Del Rey, Eilish’s version of teenagedom brings all the glorious, rapturous mess to the fore.

When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? is out March 29 via Universal.

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