Birds Of Tokyo Human DesignBirds of Tokyo’s sixth studio album opens with acoustic guitars and some handclaps. It could be a campfire singalong, and that goes to the heart of this band.

Their songs might be grand designs – rousing and anthemic – but at their core, they are simple and direct, with the choir of voices in the choruses making them relatable for every listener. An album of “false starts and lost hearts”, Human Design documents the breakdown of singer Ian Kenny’s marriage. It’s filled with regret – “I could have said things better,” he admits – but the result is eloquent and emotional.

“This journey, it ain’t over for me,” Kenny declares. And, indeed, this is a highpoint for the band. These are stirring songs for the soul.

Human Design by Birds of Tokyo is out Friday April 24 via Eleven/EMI. Pre-order now.

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