Bjork utopiaIf ‘utopia’ is an ideal state of being, then perhaps we could say all of Björk’s albums exist there.

Over her singular, celebrated career, Björk has always pursued the highest levels of creative craft. Each album offers innovation, inspiration, and a glimpse of a parallel world of pure imagination. On this latest LP, field recordings, synths, harps, choral singing and numerous flutes fill the vivid soundscape. To listen is to be immersed; transported through strange and spacious arrangements, feeling disoriented and enlivened all at once. In interviews, Björk suggests songs were written “almost like an optimist rebellion against the normal narrative melody.” But if the sounds here are otherworldly, the lyrical lens is firmly focused back on Earth. With signature skill and poetry, Björk explores romance, politics, music, love and technology.

Utopia is out now via Pod/Inertia.

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