Album cover artwork for Black Midi with blac vinyl record popping outProlific London experimental trio Black Midi release their second album in two years; third record Hellfire well and truly defines the band’s now idiosyncratic style.

See-sawing between frenzied instrumentation and spacious interludes with an enviable dexterity, the visceral Eat Men Eat is a spectacular example of the band’s power, flipping between chaotic and blissful with an ease that keep listeners on their toes. Stripping things back on Still and The Race is About to Begin, Black Midi offer a delicate side that continues to be unveiled on the album’s simmering second half.

Though each song feels improvised, every composition is meticulously crafted, and paced to be as dramatic as possible without feeling histrionic.

Hellfire by Black Midi is out July 15 via Rough Trade/Remote Control.

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