BRMC Wrong CreaturesYou’re sitting in a bar: old cob slumped on a barstool, worn carpet, one ray of dusky light cracking through a window blacked-out to the real world, unsavoury characters littered through the room – you know the place I’m talking about. You know you shouldn’t be there, but you don’t wanna leave.

It’s the sort of place you’ll find Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s eighth studio album, with all of its sleazy bass, indulgent shrieking riffs and signature heavily-filtered vocals. D.F.F’s ominous tones open the album, suggestively hinting at the sinister chords that kick in as Spook begins and the processed vocals that keep lead single King Of Bones humming along. The 12 tracks sway that way for most of the record, with scuzzy undertones and swinging guitars, until Circus Bazooko (which sounds exactly as you expect a song with a title like that to sound) swaggers through like a skeezy carny skimming cash off all the local kids when the big tent comes to town.

Wrong Creatures is out January 12 via Inertia.

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