Album cover artwork with red vinyl record popping outThe union of punk savant Jehnny Beth of Savages and Bobby Gillespie of the era-defining Primal Scream is formidable – a coupling you didn’t know was needed until seeing their distinctive profiles together.

Though it’s a phrase often overused, this is a match made in heaven, as these two great musical minds complement each other to the highest degree.

Luscious soundscapes introduce listeners to the record but the cinematic grandness of Chase It Down is more an outlier than the norm. Utopian Ashes is imbued with a striking sincerity, and while it’s a lot less rock than you’d expect from two of the genre’s most recognised figures, the pair have not skimped on quality.

Utopian Ashes by Bobby Gillespie and Jehnny Beth is out July 2, including on JB-exclusive red vinyl (pictured above), via Sony.

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